China Sourcing

Product Sourcing, Inspection, and Supplier Verification

Get your products from China. We’re here to help.

China is too vast a marketplace to navigate. Companies around the world looking for the best products with the best value need boots on the ground in this place. Even buyers doing business with it for years, decades, still need to figure out how to maneuver its supply chain these days what with all the new products and services coming out as quickly as steamed dumplings are sold out in its busy streets.

Our local knowledge and experience brings tremendous value to our clients. Whether you are a small start up business or a large distribution company, our assistance will lighten the load of managing your supply chain & logistics across borders.

We can act as your office or representative in China. We understand that growing your business requires intense focus on the efficiency and quality of your procurement operations. As your partner in the mainland, we’ll help you deal with suppliers, factories, manufacturers, trade fairs and exhibition, arrangement of international freight and shipping, and with anything else that’s related to your production and logistical requirements.

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